Motorhomes in Caerlaverock

A warm welcome to Glencaple Quay and Castle Corner in Caerlaverock!

In Brief

  • Please park considerately in the hardstanding area at the Quay End only
    – the marked car parking spaces are needed by The Nith Hotel and The Boathouse
    – you may park in them overnight night between 9pm and 9am
    – Considerate parking includes leaving other spaces clear (i.e. not taking up more than one space, nor using tables and chairs in other parking spaces)
  • Please stay for one night only, unless it is very quiet
    – We share this space with you, please let others enjoy it too!
  • Please use the very lovely Castle Corner (see below) if the Quay End is busy
  • Please don’t park on the grass 
  • Please keep your dog(s) on a lead
  • Please pick up your dog poo and use the bins provided
  • Please use the bins provided for your litter
  • Please don’t use our public toilets for your waste
  • Please be aware this space is not a campsite. It is shared with you by locals who traditionally enjoy walking around the Quay End. It is for use by us all
  • Please be respectful, responsible and reasonable

Put the kettle on/ pour yourself a wee glass and read on for more:

Please Donate Here

Motorhomes and campervans are welcome to share this beautiful place with us. Please read on as there have been some changes.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed and ‘played by the rules’!


We have just put up our new signs at the entrance to Glencaple Quay, which we hope will help visitors to appreciate the situation, and point them in the right direction!  Not respecting these requests only plays into the hands of those who are less convinced that welcoming motorhomes is a good idea…

We would appreciate if you could politely, and kindly bring this to anyone’s attention if you think they have mis-understood or not read the recommendations.
Thank you!

Following the devastating fire at the Tearoom and Shop on Glencaple Quay back in September 2016, there have been some necessary changes to the provision for motorhomes visiting our historic Quay.

We still don’t ask for payment, though the Caerlaverock Community Association relies on donations to help maintain the area etc., so your donation in the honesty box is much appreciated! See ‘Where does your money get spent’ below.
You can also donate online via

Please Donate Here

With word spreading online, especially through social media, Glencaple has become an increasingly popular place for motorhomes to visit. There has been a boom in the motorhome industry too!

We share this place with the community and two businesses who rely on the parking space, and the locals love the view too! The local 6A bus also uses the Quay End as a turning point, folk come to the Quay End to fish and birdwatch and people come for the serenity and to take in the views. It is for use by us all.

Leaving this information and the map here for those using visual text readers:

Bearing this in mind, we politely request that motorhomes use the hardstanding area at the far end of the Quay ONLY (see plan below). And please keep off the grass. [See this post for more] With considerate parking, there should be space for no fewer than 5 large motorhomes. There will be room for more if people arrive in smaller campervans!
In the hours between 9pm and 9am (i.e. overnight) you are welcome to use the car parking spaces, as the Nith Hotel and Boathouse Restaurant don’t rely on them then.

Plan of Glencaple Quay - suggested parking for motorhomes

If you arrive to find the Quay End is full – i.e. there is no space on the hardstanding at the end, please use the very lovely Castle Corner just down the road.
Caerlaverock Estate have generously offered the serviced site at Castle Corner (see our map page) for the same arrangements. And it is less than 3 miles south of Glencaple, in a beautiful spot – just a short walk through the woods to Caerlaverock Castle and WWT Caerlaverock (see more below), with at least 7 spaces for your use!

A secure honesty box will soon also be located here. Please use the online donation option until then.

Castle Corner offers litter disposal, drinking water tap, grey waste disposal, and chemical waste disposal.

Full details below.

A few thoughts

Please remove all rubbish and leave no trace (no tyre tracks in the soft grass).

Keep your dog on a lead throughout Caerlaverock, especially around the Quay, farm animals and wildlife. Please also pick up it’s poo! (Biodegradable poo bags available at The Boathouse shop).

We provide and empty extra rubbish bins and dog poo bins – please keep Doug busy by using them!

We ask that you are considerate in all that you do. This means keeping to the hard standing area too.

Remember the 3 Rs – be Responsible, Respectful and Reasonable!

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code gives you lots of great information about respecting the environment. If in doubt, check it out!

The Code is based on three key principles:

Respect the interests of other people.

Care for the environment.

Take responsibility for your own actions.

The nearest LPG and petrol garages are up in Dumfries. St Michael’s Street Garage is the first garage you come to, on your left as you enter Dumfries following the Shore Road (24 hour plus shop and cash machine). The other is on the outskirts of North Dumfries, on the A76 heading towards Kilmarnock. There are other garages, but these two sell LPG.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Do send us your comments, questions, suggestions and photos! or get in touch with us on our Facebook page.

Glencaple Quay

Welcome to Glencaple Quay

Respectful campervanners and motorhomers are welcome to use this space and the facilities.

The old set up was no longer practical nor viable.

As the Quay is used by the community and buses as well as the local businesses, we have to share the available space.  Motorhomes – please use the far end of the Quay only (the bit with the best views!) in the daytime between 9am and 9pm – see the plan above.

Please also keep to the hard standing area as the grass is for people to enjoy, not for parking on! With thought for others, there should be space for at least 5 large motorhomes, or lots of little campervans!

If you find there is no room at the end of Glencaple Quay, please use the Estate Castle Corner site, with it’s facilities – again with no charge (though your donations are very welcome). See below!

Parking in the car parking spaces – unless you arrive late and leave early (9pm to 9am is fine) – only makes our position in defending the space for your use harder. Please consider the consequences…

A secure honesty box is situated at the end of the Quay – your donations are very much appreciated, and fund the Caerlaverock Community Association, helping to keep this part of Scotland lovely. You can also donate online at

Please Donate Here

If the end of the Quay is full, Caerlaverock Estate have generously offered the serviced site at Castle Corner (see map) less than 3 miles south of Glencaple. Again, with thoughtful parking, this provides at least 7 more spaces for your use! 

Follow the river downstream until you reach a corner. You will see a carpark with a height barrier – do not try to squeeze underneath! Drive on a few metres and on your right you will see the secret entrance to the lovely Castle Corner!

A secure honesty box will soon be located here, in the meantime, please use the online donation facility. (Many thanks!)

Click on this map to take you to our interactive version.

Our public toilets at the entrance to the Glencaple Quay are for the use in the usual manner by everyone in the community (i.e. nae emptyin’ yer cludgie!). Castle Corner offers grey waste disposal and a chemical disposal point. Please hold on to what you can’t dispose of responsibly…

Both The Boathouse shop, café and Bistro and The Nith Hotel, bar and restaurant invite you to use their facilities. You can eat breakfast, lunch and tea within a few steps of your motorhome – how’s that for service?! 

(That’s us! We have lots of info for visitors on our site and Facebook page!)

Castle Corner

Caerlaverock Estate welcome you to Castle Corner!

All considerate motorhomes, campervans and campers are welcome to use this space and the facilities.

This is a part-serviced site, belonging to Caerlaverock Estate, with litter disposal, drinking water tap, grey waste disposal, and chemical waste disposal. With considerate parking, there is room for at least  7 motorhomes.

Whilst there is no charge for overnight parking at Castle Corner, any donation would be appreciated to help towards the upkeep of the area. The Estate are generously giving the donations to us after the available Glencaple Quay space has been greatly reduced. Whilst we await our secure honesty box (coming soon!) you can donate online via the Caerlaverock Community Association website donate page:

Please Donate Here

Nearby places to eat:

Reflections on The Boathouse at Glencaple Quay

The Boathouse, Glencaple 

 On Glencaple Quay, less than 3 miles north of Castle Corner

Café, restaurant and shop

Open all year

The Boathouse

We recommend the fish finger sandwiches, and the border tart!

The Nith Hotel, Glencaple, Caerlaverock, Dumfries and Galloway

The Nith Hotel, Glencaple

Less than 3 miles north of Castle Corner, by Glencaple Quay

Restaurant, breakfasts, bar meals and accommodation

Open all year

The Nith Hotel

We recommend the full Scottish Breakfast >see here<

View from window at Caerlaverock Castle Tearoom and Shop

Caerlaverock Castle Tearoom and Shop

From Castle corner, less than a mile by road or a lovely walk through the woods:

Cafe and lunches

Open all year

Opening hours: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Castle Tearoom and Shop

We recommend the vegetable soup and all the scones!

Caerlaverock WWT Cafe

WWT Caerlaverock Cafe and Shop

A short drive/ cycle by road or a lovely walk through the Castle Corner woods:

Cafe and lunches

Open all year

WWT Cafe and Shop

We recommend the fair trade coffee and all of the cakes!

Nearby Attractions

Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve - view of Criffel across the Solway

Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve

Coastal walks and viewing points
Take a walk along the coast to take in the beautiful scenery in this Site of Special Scientific Interest. Don’t forget your binoculars and camera!

Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve

Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle

Visitor centre, shop and café
Walk through the woods (or cycle/ drive) to this unique moated triangular castle first built in the 13th Century.

Caerlaverock Castle

WWT Caerlaverock

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Visitor centre, shop and café
Walk, cycle or drive to the Wetlands Centre where you will find a wealth of wildlife in every season including geese, whooper swans, otter, osprey and a large variety of wetland species.

WWT Caerlaverock

Wardlaw Hill Fort, Caerlaverock

Wardlaw Hill

A walk, drive or cycle away.

Walk up to this Iron Age Hill Fort for stunning views over the Solway to the Lake District hills on a clear day.

Parking and information board on lane to Caerlaverock Castle.

Have a look at our Aerial video

Wardlaw Hill Fort

We are also on the National Cycling Route 7, linking Inverness to Sunderland. Please look out for cyclists on your travels.

Cyclists – there are some lovely cycles around the area – get pedaling!

There are many walks in the area. >See our map of paths here<

Where does your money get spent?

A lot of it is unseen/ behind the scenes expenses (e.g. the initial purchase of maintenance equipment and supplies etc.) which go towards keeping Caerlaverock looking presentable, remaining accessible and safe for everybody.

A few other places your donations go towards include:

  • Purchase, fit and maintenance of 2 new defibrillators (and the phone boxes)
  • Providing benches and seats
  • Hampers for the elderly at Christmas
  • Maintaining steps, trees, bridges
  • Grass cutting costs
  • Funding celebrations (including bonfires, and fireworks)
  • Helping with winter resilience
  • Funding/ printing community newsletters and printing costs in general
  • Promotional boosting of important posts on Facebook
  • Looking after the wellbeing of the area in general


Of course, the CCA members and everyone in the community who helps, give their time freely – possibly the most precious resource of all.

Many thanks to everybody who gives, in whatever way they choose – it takes little contributions from lots of people to create a great community!


A couple of wonderful eagle-eyed locals kept a wee tab on how many motorhomes/ campervans stayed overnight at Glencaple during the whole of 2017!
Their findings were most interesting – taken as a whole, and in general, numbers were usually under 5 per night. August was our busiest month, and the maximum number of motorhomes staying over came in at a whopping 17 in one night!

You can appreciate how this just isn’t sustainable.

Thank you-know-who for your time, persistence and meticulous note-taking!

CLICK to make larger

 This chart shows the total number of vans that stayed over at Glencaple every night in 2017. (click pic to enlarge)

CLICK to make larger

 Here we see a chart of the monthly total of vans throughout 2017. (click pic to enlarge)

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