Something fishy…

With thanks to Tom Brown who handed this newspaper cutting in (below) for the NNR 60th 'Then and Now' land use display at their 60th Anniversary Celebrations Open Day in the Barbour Hall, Glencaple on 15th July 2017! If you have any old newspaper cuttings, or photos/ slides or information about how the land and [...]

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…from the “Broon Archive”

Thanks to Tom Brown for this interesting photo and note he has just sent us! Here is a photograph from July 1961. "Cattle crossing Phylis's Creek on Lantonside Merse." With erosion this creek has disappeared now. I well remember if we were Haaf Netting at Phylis's, some years later, having to wade through this creek [...]

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Haaf Netting compensation claim considered

After a three-year ban on killing fish outside estuary limits, and with strict controls on numbers in inland waters, Marine Scotland is reported to be considering a compensation claim over new wild salmon protection rules on the Solway Firth. Read the details on the BBC website here:  

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Found fishing rod

We found this fishing rod in the reeds near the Big Rock on our walk today and would like to reunite it with its owner (otherwise it might be turned into a handy washing line pole...). Do you know if someone has lost their rod recently? Please get in touch! or through our Facebook [...]

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