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A Very Happy Hutton Hall Christmas!

We popped round to listen to the wonderful Carol Singing by the children from Caerlaverock Primary at the Hutton Hall Seniors Christmas Party.  Here are a few photos (thank you to all that sent them in) for you to enjoy! And of course a massive Well Done to all the team and their helpers at [...]

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Primary 1 Enrolment

Information from Dumfries and Galloway Council: If your child is going to be 5 years old on (or before) 28th of February 2020, you must register them at their catchment primary school to start in August 2019. on Monday 14 January or Tuesday 15 January 2019 between 9am and 3.30pm Put the date in your [...]

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*UPDATED* A Bit of a Boost to Caerlaverock Primary School

Photo shows: Mr Tennant, Rev. David Logan, Miss Cochrane, Kelly Green representing the Hutton Hall, David Gilbert representing Caerlaverock Community Association (CCA) and Jackie Gemmell representing the Caerlaverock Primary School Parent Council Before the October holidays, we managed to get together a representative from almost all of the organisations who have generously donated to the [...]

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CPS Scoop – October 2018

Visit to Dumfries High School for Science Miss Henry from Dumfries High School invited P4/7 to visit her class for a science lesson. She taught a lesson on “Forces and Masgnets” and we learned about three different forces; magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational.  We learned that a force is a push or a pull and a [...]

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20 is Plenty, Glencaple – Official Handover

Yesterday [Friday 20th September 2018] saw the culmination of a lot of hard work. A crowd of supporters from Glencaple, Caerlaverock Primary School, Bankend, Kelton and further afield came to support the presentation of the community speed reduction proposal document, '20 is Plenty, Glencaple' and accompanying letter to council officials at their Headquarters in Dumfries.  [...]

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Front Page News!

Following yesterday's D&G Standard photoshoot, the Glencaple 20mph campaign continues today with the formal presentation of the document to Council officials.  4pm today (Friday) D&G Council Headquarters, English Street, Dumfries The document is the culmination of months of research, meetings, suggestions, listening, writings, communications, signings, negotiations and final presentations - a lot of hours by [...]

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