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Adam’s Experience…

As we snuggled deeper into our safe, warm, dry downies on Saturday night, Adam Murphy, Caerlaverock's own SNH Reserve Officer slept out overnight, with nothing but a sleeping bag and survival bag, in Glasgow to raise funds, and awareness for the charity Social Bite. He promised he'd send us an update - here it is! With [...]

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Adam’s Charity Sleep Out

Caerlaverock's Scottish National Heritage (SNH) Reserve Officer, Adam Murphy is currently raising money for a homelessness charity called Social Bite, who aim to end homelessness in Scotland. Adam got in touch and told us: Adam continues: You can sponsor Adam by visiting his just giving page at: Some additional info: [...]

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Pics from the Barbour Hall Halloween Party (in aid of Nith Inshore Rescue)

Just a few random photos at The Barbour Hall Halloween Party of Caerlaverock residents from all over, Nith Inshore Rescue volunteers, people from SNH, WWT, Nith Hotel, Boathouse and probably loads more from further afield too, only some of which are recognisable (we still can't remember who the gorilla was!) Organised by (and in aid [...]

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Interview with a Local Author

We met up with local author Moira Shields at The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust [WWT] Caerlaverock to chat about her newly published book (and ask her lots of interesting questions!). We had a great time, with lots of laughs! Moira is a proud Doonhamer. Born on the 2nd floor of Cresswell Maternity Hospital (so [...]

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‘Local Hero’ in Bankend

David Grieve from Bankend has sent us lots of useful information for sharing via our Facebook page. Little did we know (until his wife Jackie got in touch) that he actually runs a non-profit making small voluntary organisation from his home. David founded ‘Over-Count Drugs Information Agency’ on August 23rd, 1993 and offers information, [...]

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A Charity Shop find!

Probably - well, definitely - my favourite childhood toy was the Spirograph. I remember quite clearly getting it one Christmas, and proceeded to lose myself in spirals of coloured pen all throughout the next few days. After a while I am sure it became a bit tiresome to my parents when I gleefully presented [...]

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Ann and Jim’s Greenhouse

We popped round to see Ann and Jim and today! They invited us in and proudly showed off the fantastic greenhouse they have purchased with the money contributed by the community; Ann repeated how delighted and overwhelmed they were, and how they'd wanted to spend the money on something really special! And they have [...]

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