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CPS Scoop – October 2018

Visit to Dumfries High School for Science Miss Henry from Dumfries High School invited P4/7 to visit her class for a science lesson. She taught a lesson on “Forces and Masgnets” and we learned about three different forces; magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational.  We learned that a force is a push or a pull and a [...]

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CPS Scoop – Summer Term

Guid Nychburris Football On Friday 7th of June we went to Palmerston Arena for the Guid Nychburris football tournament. We took a mixed team of six which was Lochie, Mirran, Rachael, Ellie and Jamie and Mr. Walker was our coach. We did not win any matches but we all had fun but most of [...]

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CPS Scoop – Computer Skills

Mrs Moyes was a visitor who came into school to teach the class how to blog. Blogging is putting your videos and pictures and other stuff online and people can ‘like’ your items.  If you’d rather not make your blog public then you can keep it private.  We were also doing animation which was really [...]

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CPS Scoop – Feis Ross

A lady comes in from Feis Ross once a week and teaches us ukulele. We sing a song to warm up before we start to play the ukulele. We do chords and songs.  One song is called Mary Mack. Mr T plays the ukulele with us. I like learning to play the ukulele, it’s great [...]

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